About Us

  • Jean-Michel Fournier is an avid mountain biker in addition to being a successful entrepreneur. Before selling his last company he was a senior VP at UnitedHealth where he learned just how challenging daily exercise is to hundreds of millions of adults trying to stay healthy.

  • Alex Gourley has a long history of athletics and a longer history of video games. When he moved to San Francisco the only regular exercise he could find involved a treadmill, and so he began investigating how to take the best elements of sports and bring them to cardiovascular machines. Before founding Active Theory he ran Loopt's internal metrics and analytics, worked on a source-code search engine at Krugle and lead a team building an autonomous vehicle at UC Davis.

  • Josh McCready is all about designing technology cogniscent of human biological expectations. He has a passion for biology, art, physical fitness, and primitive living. Past work experience includes designing neuroscience equipment for Harvard Medical School and developing sensor fusion algorithms for MIT's Lincoln Labs. He studied Systems Engineering at F.W. Olin College of Engineering.

  • Keerthik Omanakuttan decided he wanted to spend his life making games before deciding what his favourite color was, at the age of six. While pursuing an Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, he had a habit of turning projects for any course into a game design or development project (sometimes to hilarious effects). He quickly discovered the immense potential for turning many mundane and boring things in life that we really *should* be doing into fun and memorable experiences.

  • Fabien Combe keeps one foot in the digitial and physical world. While you will often find him playing soccer, recording a Strava ride or working out at the nearest CrossFit box, but you're just as likely to find him with his nose in a laptop working on training programs, product development or marketing initiatives. Fabien has an extensive background in training for professional athletes and is working to leverage his learning there to build digital fitness applications which can positively impact aspiring athletes everywhere. Fabien has his master's in Sport & Medicine from University of Montpellier.