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At Active Theory, we pioneer better ways to keep you moving.

Our Flagship App: BitGym

Launched in 2013, BitGym is the first subscription fitness app of its kind. It remains our primary focus as we create new content, add features and grow our global audience.

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BitGym Cardio Adventures

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Bike, row, run or elliptical around the world with hundreds of immersive cardio tours. Traverse beautiful locales in places like Paris, New Zealand, and the Patagonias at your own pace, or kick it into high gear with our world-class coaches in our guided tours.

Technology That Keeps You Moving

Humans thrive in motion. We try to encourage this with technology that bridges movement to response and exertion to reward. If we do our job right you won’t even know it’s there; you’ll simply feel the experience is pulling you in for one more mile, round or rep.

Holographic Motion Video

HMVs transport viewers to far away landscapes by providing stable depth aware video, binaural audio, variable playback speed and instant streaming. We have developed a full stack system to capture, stabilize, process, encode, stream and play back HMV content on a wide array of devices.

CV Cadence Tracking

Our patented cadence detection algorithm uses computer vision to track user cadence on bikes, treadmills, ergs and other cardio machines. It is highly accurate, low latency, and can run on any device with a front facing camera.

As demoed in BitGym

IMU Cadence Tracking

For contexts where a motion sensing device can be worn on the body or head, no camera is needed. We are bringing this approach to smart TV (with the remote in your pocket) as well as XR platforms.

Coming soon

CV Core Motion Tracking

One of our older technologies, but still useful today. We first created this in 2013 to bring Kinect®-like functionality to games on mobile devices. It is highly performant, tracking one or two players as they duck, jump and dodge.

As demoed in Bit Breaker

CV Exercise Rep Tracking

We built this system to observe and record pushups, situps, burpees or any repetative fitness motion. Requiring just a normal camera this approach is useful for fitness apps on phones and smart mirrors. Resulting rep movies can be saved and sent to a coach for review.

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Meet Our Team

Our team at Active Theory Inc has diverse experience with fitness, computer vision, storytelling, and game development.

We’ve been fully remote since 2012 and our members come together to collaborate from different timezones & countries.


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